Episode 1: Blue Eyed Butcher

Susan Wright Blue Eyed Butcher on Grave Danger Podcast
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Woo! Our first episode is out and it’s a crazy case. This week we’re telling you the story of Susan Wright, AKA the Blue Eyed Butcher. After being emotionally and physically abused for years by her husband, Susan finally snapped… or did she? This case is filled with shocking things left and right. Let us know what you think happened.

  • Susan Wright Stab Marks
  • Susan Wright's House Crime Scene
  • Susan Wright Family
  • Susan Wright Trial
  • Susan Wright on Trial
  • Susan Wright







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Everything presented and said during the podcast is opinions of the hosts. We understand the backlash being seen in the True Crime community when it comes to ethics behind the cases being presented. If you have any comments or concerns about the podcast and the way it is being presented please contact us through our “Suggest a Case” section of our website or email us directly at contact@gravedangerpodcast.com.

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