About the Hosts

Londyn Victoria standing in alley of Nashville wearing long sleeve with skeleton and jeans with a chain.

Londyn Victoria

Londyn has been watching horror movies since she was 4. If you ask her how to hide a body she will show you an alphabetized list of options in MLA format. She has multiple hidden knives in every room of her apartment. God complex.

Aine Reaney sitting at picnic table wearing black crop top and flannel with jeans.

Aine Reaney

Aine cried during Coraline. She doesn’t know how she got here. If she was in a horror movie she would be the first person to die.

Emi Quick

Emi is a dog. She’s pretty cool. Emotional support.

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Everything presented and said during the podcast is opinions of the hosts. We understand the backlash being seen in the True Crime community when it comes to ethics behind the cases being presented. If you have any comments or concerns about the podcast and the way it is being presented please contact us through our “Suggest a Case” section of our website or email us directly at contact@gravedangerpodcast.com.

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